Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the application process work?

Teen Challenge is a discipleship program and each lady must have a sincere desire to be here and want change. She must be willing to follow the house guidelines and schedule. After reading these non-negotiable requirements thoroughly, and are still interested, please download and fill out our screening form and mail, email, or fax (817) 336-5237, to our Intake Coordinator. You will be contacted to begin the interview process. Each lady must be interviewed and accepted before she is put on the waiting list. AT TIMES, THERE IS A WAITING LIST FOR BED AVAILABILITY.

What should I bring?

Fort Worth Teen Challenge wants to extend our hospitality and offer our ladies a comfortable and home-like atmosphere. Our day-to-day attire is casual. The lists below are suggested items. Please keep in mind that space limited.

For a full list of items to bring please download the checklist below.

Download the PDF

What is the cost of the program?

All of our services are free except an entrance fee of $50.00. Being a non-profit organization we are locally supported and dependent entirely on free-will gifts and contributions from churches of various denominations, local businesses, corporations, and individuals in general. We do not receive any funding from the state or federal government. For more information on making a contribution, please click here.​

Entrance Fee- $50.00 (non-refundable)

Fort Worth Teen Challenge does not charge a fee to the lady for the cost of participating in the program except for a non-refundable entrance fee which covers the cost of processing the paperwork.

Personal Needs Money- $40.00 to open an account

A Personal Need Account (PNA) will be opened for each lady and maintained by the Financial Coordinator. Family and church members may put money into this account. All checks MUST be made out to FORT WORTH TEEN CHALLENGE and put the lady’s name in the MEMO. If the check is not made out to FORT WORTH TEEN CHALLENGE, the check will be sent back thus delaying the deposit of funds to the PNA. Each lady will have access to $20.00 per week in order to purchase her personal need items when we go on Day Out on Friday afternoons. ​

What are the entry requirements?

  • At least one full year commitment.
  • No smoking, no nicotine gum, patches, etc.
  • No cell phone, laptops, etc.
  • Communication only with immediate family for the duration of the program.
  • No access to the Internet while in the program.
  • No phone calls or letters until the 15th day after entry date. All incoming and outgoing mail is screened.
  • Four full months before any family visitation.
  • Health test with all results in writing. (see details here)
  • No prescription drugs (mood altering, psychotic or pain), laxatives, sleep aids or herbs.
  • ALL house guidelines and schedules must be adhered to.
  • We DO NOT provide any Medical, Dental or Optical services.
    • Please, take care of checkup & illness before entering program to prevent having to be dismissed from program to address health issues.
    • In case of an emergency ONLY, resident will be taken to a County Hospital.
  • We must be informed of all legal matters and we DO NOT provide any legal services.


What should I not bring?

Please DO NOT bring the following:

  • NO Smoking, nicotine patches, e-cigarettes, chew, etc.
  • NO (Mood Altering) medications, herbs, laxatives, Benadryl, sleeping aids or any vitamins that are not a once a day multi-vitamin
  • NO food supplements tablets or powders
  • NO food or drink of any kind
  • NO photos or correspondence with anyone other than immediate family
  • NO relationships with opposite sex unless married
  • NO games, computers, laptops, TV, heating pads, iron, gadgets or kitchen appliances
  • NO cell phones
  • NO wall mount items or pictures
  • NO iPods, iPads, Kindles, Tablets, MP3 players or any media device requiring headphones or earphones of any kind
  • NO large boom boxes or stereos
  • NO personal vehicles
  • NO bar soap (liquid soap only)
  • NO literature, movies, magazines, books, poetry, address books, old journals, studies, business cards/papers, bookkeeping or teaching tapes*
  • NO body jewelry (tongue**, brow, naval, nose, etc).

*Our curriculum is a Bible based and structured for Teen Challenge. All non-curriculum items will be shipped back home at your own expense.

Download the PDF

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